Superoxide Dismutase Activities in Plasma of Patients with Breast Cancer

Fezzeh Elyasinia, Venus Chegini, Asieh Olfat-Bakhsh, Parvin Pasalar, Ali Aminian


Background: Superoxide radicals are produced during oxidative metabolic processes, and removed by superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzymes. Controversial results have been reported regarding the tissue and plasma concentration of SOD in patients with breast cancer.

Methods: Venous blood was obtained from study participants and activity of SOD enzyme was determined in 100 women. Comparison was made between 50 patients with breast cancer and 50 individuals in control group.

Results: The activities of SOD in patients with malignancy and control group were 553.56±53.67 U/gr Hb and 1218.60±98.55 U/gr Hb, respectively (P <0.001). Patients with higher stage and nuclear grade had lower SOD activity.

Conclusions: lower levels of SOD activity was observed in women with breast cancer compared to healthy individuals. Considering the existing controversy regarding the SOD level in breast cancer patients, further studies to explore the reason of these differences are warranted.


Superoxide radicals; oxidative stress; superoxide dismutase

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