Benign and Borderline Phyllodes: Management and Follow-Up Phyllodes Management

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Anita Sharma
Kate Hyde
Douglas Ferguson


Phyllodes tumours, Management, Follow-up.


Background: Phyllodes tumours of the breast are benign, borderline or malignant fibroepithelial lesions. They are uncommon and usually treated with surgical or radiological excision. The association with local recurrence has led to much debate over the extent of excision margins. It has traditionally followed that clinical surveillance for local recurrence is necessary following surgery. Follow-up is without any nationally agreed protocol and is therefore variable.

Methods: After exclusions, 116 cases of benign (n=81), borderline (n=30) and malignant (n=5) phyllodes tumours were identified in a single centre, between 2005 and 2018. These were analysed using a database, electronic patient records and notes-based review.

Results: Benign recurrence occurred in six patients with complete excision of benign PTs (7.4%) and one with borderline PT (3.3%). No malignant Phyllodes tumours developed following excision of benign or borderline lesions.

Conclusions: This study of 13 years experience with 111 non-malignant Phyllodes tumours provides support for no routine clinical surveillance, but it supports patient education and open access to breast clinic.


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