Spindle Cell Carcinoma of the Breast: A Case Report Representing Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Intervention, and Outcome

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Mohammad Naser Athamnah
Shatha M. Al-Barrak
Nimah A. Rabai
Tea Natelauri
Hussein S O Al Azzam
Mohammed Alorjani
Omar M. Al-Rusan
Amer Abu-Shanab


Spindle cell carcinoma, Breast cancer, Jordan, Breast pathology


Background: Spindle cell carcinoma (SpCC) is an unusual form of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and can sometimes present in the breast. Owing to the rarity of breast SpCC, few case studies are available nowadays and proper evidence is scarce. 

Case presentation: We herein report a 60-year-old female patient, who was referred to the surgery services after presenting with a right breast ulcerated mass. On physical examination, a 7x7 cm mass was found along with a 3 cm ulcer on the top of it. Both mammography and ultrasound showed a dense mass, and tru-cut and skin punch biopsies confirmed neoplastic spindle cells within the lesion. The patient underwent a right total mastectomy with sentinel lymph node biopsies with no further chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Conclusion: Owing to the heterogeneity of SpCC, there is no exact treatment protocol for this type of cancer, and mastectomy or conservative surgery can be performed in certain groups of patients depending on tumor size, stage, and lymph node involvement. Fortunately, promising medical and biological therapies might be of use in the near future.


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