Bilateral Primary Breast Angiosarcoma: A Case Report

Afsaneh Alikhassi, Hamid Reza Karbasian, Maryam Kadivar, Zahra Alikhassy


Background: Angiosarcoma can develop in all parts of the body containing blood vessels, including breast. Statistically, less than 10% of all angiosarcomas originate in the breast. Angiosarcoma accounts for less than 0.05% of breast primary cancers. Primary angiosarcoma develops without a history of treatment for breast cancer, whereas secondary angiosarcoma develops in patients who have already had treatments for other primary breast cancer.

Case presentation: In review of the literature, primary angiosarcoma, particularly bilateral, is rare. In this study, we present a patient, a young woman, with primary bilateral angiosarcoma.

Conclusion: Although breast angiosarcoma is rare, we should be aware of it, particularly in young women with breast mass that is hyperflow in color Doppler ultrasound.


Angiosarcoma; Breast; Sonography; Biopsy

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