A Breast Cancer Patient Presenting for the First Time With a Meningioma-like Intracranial Mass

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Afsaneh Alikhassi
Bahareh Hatami
Fatemeh Nili


Breast cancer, Meningioma, Extradural metastasis


Background: Breast cancer metastases to the central nervous system are more commonly multiple intracranial lesions. Rarely, in the case of single extradural metastasis, it is clinically and radiologically challenging and important to differentiate other solitary extradural masses such as meningioma. Moreover, according to the literature, it seems that there is a relationship between breast cancer and meningioma.
Case Presentation: We report a 54-year-old female presenting with a sudden onset of headache and seizure whose MRI showed an extra-axial intracranial mass in her brain. The patient underwent operative removal of the tumor with the clinical and radiologic diagnosis of meningioma. The pathological finding was suspected to be breast cancer metastasis. Future evaluation of her breast showed tissue distortion in the left breast and the pathologic diagnosis of the breast lesion was invasive ductal carcinoma. In a follow-up CT scan, there were multiple liver and lung metastases.
Conclusion: It is crucial for physicians with various specialties to be aware of different possibilities in the setting of a single extra-axial brain mass.


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