Primary Leiomyosarcoma of the Breast: A Rare Case Report

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Pallavi Agrawal
Neha Garg
Braj B. Pandey


Leiomyosarcoma, axillary metastasis, modified radical mastectomy


Background: Primary leiomyosarcoma (LMS) of the breast is a very rare neoplasm of the breast arising from the mesenchymal tissue. The clinical presentation of this entity simulates other benign and malignant lesions of mesenchymal tissue of the breast.

Case presentation: Case 1: A 40-year-old female presented with a right-sided breast lump, which was suspected to be a malignant spindle cell tumor on needle core biopsy (NCB). A multi-disciplinary team performed modified radical mastectomy (MRM) with axillary node dissection on the patient with no post-operative chemo-radiation. Case 2: A 70-year-old female presented with a left sided breast lump and a palpable axillary node. Needle core biopsy diagnosed it as malignant spindle cell tumor. The patient underwent MRM with axillary node dissection. It was confirmed to be a case of breast LMS with axillary nodal metastasis. Both patients were followed up for one year with no evidence of recurrence.

Conclusion: Both cases underwent MRM with axillary node dissection in our study. However, the role of axillary dissection in the prognosis and disease-free survival of the patients with primary LMS of the breast with axillary metastasis has not been studied yet. The optimal management of this entity remains to be tumor excision with clear margins.

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