Inflammatory Breast Cancer in a Very Young Genetically Susceptible Woman: Case Presentation in a Tumour Board Session, Discussion and Decision-Making

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Sadaf Alipour
Leila Bayani
Akram Seifollahi


Breast reconstruction, Inflammatory breast cancer, Tumour board decision


Background: Inflammatory breast cancer is a very aggressive type of breast cancer which invades skin lymphatics. The standard treatment includes neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by modified radical mastectomy and postsurgical radiation. Preserving the skin or nipple are not considered reasonable due to the involvement of the dermal lymphatics and therefore skin sparing or nipplesparing mastectomy are not usually carried out for this type of breast cancer.

Case presentation: In this article, we present a case of inflammatory breast cancer in a very young woman who was positive for BRCA2 genes.

Question: The possibility to perform nipple sparing or skin sparing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction, and the indication for prophylactic contralateral mastectomy as discussed in the tumor board are presented in this article.

Conclusion: Neither of the more conservative techniques of mastectomy was appropriate for this case. Also, the prognosis of the patient mostly depends on the course of the ipsilateral tumor and prophylactic mastectomy would be wise only if the subsequent course of the disease is favourable.

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