Ovarian Cancer Metastatic to Breast and Axilla: A Case Report

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Mehdi Ghelichkhani
Nahid Naffisi
Zahra Rahimi
Farshid Ghasemi Meydansar
Masoud Haghighikian
Leila Sadeghi


Ovarian cancer, Breast metastasis, Axillary metastasis


Background: Metastases to breast and axilla from extramammary sites are uncommon and have been reported in only 2% of breast malignancies. Ovarian cancer metastatic to breast and axillary lymph nodes is extremely rare and only accounts for 0.03%-0.6% of all breast neoplasms. The most common histologic feature of ovarian cancer metastatic to breast is papillary serous adenocarcinoma. Differentiating the secondary breast malignancies from primary ones is crucial as the treatment and prognosis are different, which could avoid many unnecessary procedures. Prognosis is generally poor because most patients have simultaneous spread of the disease.

Case presentation: A 67-year-old woman with a history of ovarian cancer, undergoing chemotherapy presented with redness and swelling in her left breast and pathologic axillary lymph nodes. Work ups revealed ovarian cancer metastases to breast and axillary lymph nodes. She underwent chemotherapy with second line chemotherapeutics. The results were satisfying and the patient is well.

Conclusion: The history of cancer in patients with a breast mass, even if clinically benign, may give rise to potential metastases. Screening with physical examination and serial mammography for patients with ovarian cancer could be beneficial. Early and accurate diagnosis of breast metastatic tumors is critical for proper management and preventing unnecessary and possibly harmful procedures.

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