The Frequency of Breast Cancer Among Women Referred to Hospitals for Biopsy in Birjand, Iran During 2011-2013

Reyhane Hoshyar, Fatemeh Haghighi, Mahdiyeh Hosseinian, Fatemeh Mezginejad, Homa Mollaei, Negar Fakhr, Zahra Beyki


Background: This study aims to demonstrate the frequency of malignant breast cancer (BC) according to pathologic findings in Birjand during 2011-2013 years.

Methods: For this cross-sectional study, the sample consisted of pathologic records from 229 breast biopsies of two hospitals in Birjand.

Results: Most of the biopsies in women were malignant cases which nearly 90% of them were detected after lymph node involvement. The mean age of women with malignant BC was 48.8 years.

Conclusions: A notable proportion of our cases were diagnosed in metastatic stages as advanced BC. It further highlights the importance of screening and diagnosis at earlier stages.



Breast Cancer; pathology; biopsy; Birjand

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