Retropectoral Hemangioma in A Male Patient: Report of A Case

Afsaneh Alikhassi­, Ramesh Omranipour, Zahra Alikhassy, Rosa Miri, Reza Shahsiah


Background: A hemangioma is a rather common benign soft tissue tumor that rarely originates from both the pectoralis muscle and the breast. Vascular tumors of the breast, such as benign hemangiomas, are rarely seen in men.

Case presentation: A 40-year-old man presented with a non-tender palpable right breast mass since 6 months ago. On physical examination, a hard lump was detected in the central part of his right breast with normal intact skin without discoloration. No nipple discharge or axillary mass was detected.
Mammography revealed a well-defined heterogeneous mass with a few macro-calcifications. Surgical excision was performed and Microscopic examination revealed multiple vascular spaces covered by one layer of endothelial cells without any remarkable atypia or mitotic activity proved to be benign hemangioma.

Conclusion: A hemangioma should also be considered in the differential diagnosis of uncommon breast tumors in men. The imaging features of the male breast hemangioma seem to be similar to those described in female patients.


Hemangioma; male breast; mammography

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