Lobular Carcinoma of Breast Presenting with Skin and Stomach Metastases

Ali Arab Kheradmand, Fezzeh Elyasinia, Reza Parsaei, Ali Haidari


Background: Skin  metastases occur  in  1-5%  of  solid  tumors  and  are  rarely the presenting sign of internal malignancies. Certain features in skin lesions raise suspicion of metastasis from solid tumors.

Case Presentation: In this article a 61-year-old woman is presented with erythematous skin nodules  in  upper  abdomen  and  chest. Histopathological evaluation  of  lesions suggested  metastatic  carcinoma  and  a  thorough  search found  stomach  signet  cell adenocarcinoma and breast lobular carcinoma. Immunohistochemical staining confirmed diagnosis of lobular carcinoma with metastasis developed in skin and stomach.

Conclusions: Clinicians  must  be  aware  that  malignancies  can  present  by skin metastases. Since   breast   and   stomach   cancer   can both metastasize to skin, immunohistochemistry evaluation is of great importance to diagnose the primary tumor.


Lobular Carcinoma; Breast Cancer; Skin Metastasis; Stomach Metastasis; Immunohistochemistry

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